“Be ruthless in your actions. Be kind in your tone.”

Photography is about moments. Stories move you. Encourage you to laugh, cry and love. They will all go by so fast. In a blur. But I will be there to slow them down for you.

I’m telling the story of each event – preserving genuine, precious and fleeting moments from creative fine – art and photojournalistic perspectives. And I love being with people who are in love. There’s magic there, which charges you with excitement, energy and creativity. So when you look back at your photos, you will remember how it felt like.

The biggest impact in my life is my daughter – Shelley. Because of photography I see everything different now. I look films differently. I’ve friends I haven’t had before. The culture learning is incredible. I’m really enjoying getting to know people, understanding what makes people tick and shooting and telling the story. I am so grateful I can be me and make mistakes as long as I’m learning from them. Without photography I would be just sad, definitely not the person I am now.

I love to travel, so don’t worry if your event isn’t near my home! Looking forward to our next adventure!